All I see

Beauty in my eyes

Lies to the lies I have been told

All the wrongs

I have done

All the rights

I ignored

Catch me in the act again

& I will start again


Mirror Mirror

I am a liar

you are a thief

I am bad

you are worse

What hides in me

can be seen in you

We both seek same

We are both insane

We should change

End is calling

and I just might reply…


Crawl under my skin

straight into my soul

All the blood

All the veins

flow through them

Every ounce

Every pound

of this cadaver

go through them


Find the treasure




A crazy desire

to burn in fire

if you are standing

in the way


This empty heart

is what I have left

All the void  & grace

taken from me

when you came in the way


These two sides

on the same face

I will turn to ashes

before the end of the day


Nothing in my cranium skull
Life taught me nothing
They are angry at me
I know
But could I care?
I don’t know

In my bed
With my thoughts
Pure dirt
I don’t want you to know
This knowledge is not power
But a bane

Crawl into sheets
With our fountain of youth
They don’t like us
Don’t care

In my bed
With my thoughts



So worthless

So unfaithful

So idiotic

yet, it comes again


This feeling

that we feel

at every dawn

goes back

to hide at night

Always waiting for

next day

next victim


A simple mind

lying in bed

always feeling its affinity