Metal bones cry in sleep

Hope cuts the rope

But wounds don’t heal

Scratch till blood comes

Put your rust inside my soul

God knows how much I waited to be wrong

There’s a voice I have seen

It hurts me but moods my seams

Mold me & break my nose

I will follow you even when I am torn


I found a rhythm

In your soul

I stay here

You roam the world

It doesn’t matter, my girl, where we go

Sun will set

Moon will come for us

I will hold you in my arms

Release your breath, dreams & expectations

We will stand frozen till the end


To be

Yours forever

Am I here

You are not here

This is heavier on me

Maybe I am wrong

Maybe I am right

This was always going to be rough

Start and end

It all depends

Circular roads narrower thoughts

I wanna be your lover til the end

Let me go

So you can come close

Denied by lot

Followed you

Came here

To stay with you